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Invictus leadership Services

setting direction

We partner closely with your team to determine what success looks like, and then map out the best path to get there.

growing leaders

It all begins with Leadership. We have the expertise to help develop your leaders, your systems, and your leadership pipeline.


it's no secret that we are more powerful together than we are apart. We'll help your team to reach new plateaus of success.

Corporate culture consulting

Culture matters and we make it real. Invictus Leadership will help you to identify, measure, and shape your culture to enable your success.

You have the potential​ to be incredibly successful. What's holding you back?

aligning organizations

Is your system built for success? We will will help you envision, design, align, and implement your optimal organization. 

change management consulting 

corporate culture consulting 

leadership development consulting

​​​​​​​​​PAUL SHORT

President, Invictus Leadership Inc.



​Director of Administration & Logistics, Invictus Leadership Inc.

​​​​​​​​-   Change Management Consulting

​-   Leadership Development Consulting​

-   Corporate Culture Consulting

-  Strategy Development

-  Organizational Design and Alignment

-  Teambuilding

- Performance Management

- Talent Management

leading change

Change can seem daunting, but it`s really an opportunity for growth. We have the formula for success - and we're happy to share it!

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